We use the “Holistic Quality Method” to target quality and make the existence better by using the review approach.

We actively use communication and educational opportunities by encouraging employees to constantly learn and develop in order to produce creative and innovative thoughts and products.

We ensure compliance with competitive conditions within the framework of ethical rules and do our best to become the industry leader in diversity and quality.

We are working to increase the satisfaction of our employees, customers, suppliers and solution partners more and more every day.

We develop environmentally friendly production processes by working according to ISO 9001 quality management system standards.


We comply with all international environmental standards.

We keep our environmental impacts under control and continue to improve our activities to reduce this impact.

We plan and implement activities to reduce energy and water use and monitor efficiency in resource use.

In the use of energy, we use renewable energy sources.

We provide educational and development opportunities for the creation of environmental awareness and the preservation of this awareness.


We provide a healthy and safe business environment for all our stakeholders and aim for sustainability by constantly improving it for the better at all times.

We adopt occupational safety as our culture and work towards the goal of “zero accidents”.,

We follow innovative technologies and practices, comply with world standards, and comply with all legal regulations in our fields of activity.

We aim to eliminate hazards at their source with our effective risk assessment system.

We provide jul training and provide the necessary resources to all our employees to gain individual responsibility awareness, awareness and competence about occupational health and safety.