We as "Vatan Curtain and Systems Ltd.", we provide services in the curtain manufacturing sector in Turkey and the world markets with our retail and wholesale dealers.We are committed and aiming to produce all kinds of curtains suitable for your living area and decoration, including rail systems, curtain systems with mechanisms, textile curtains, rustic curtains and accessories, and to provide service without compromising quality.

We adopt the principle of "customer satisfaction", which is the most important element for us, as a target and act accordingly. With this principle, we constantly keep our ties with the customer strong and alive and produce rational and innovative solutions to increase our customers´ earnings and our own earnings. We are constantly investing in technology and adopting the idea of producing the right product in all fields with our experienced staff and state of the art machines.


To provide uninterrupted service with the most appropriate cost, stock strength and shipment speed without giving up the principle of "customer satisfaction"

To follow the innovations and technologies related to the sector with our R&D department at all times

To provide the customer with the best price, with the best planning and with the best assurance

To cover and maintain national and international quality standards


To provide logistic support and confidence in product shipment

Investing in technology in production

To add value to the sector in every field and sense

Becoming a nationally and internationally known brand