Polywood Blinds

What is a Polywood Blinds?

Polywood Blinds are the general name given to curtains with mechanisms consisting of horizontal strips measuring 16mm, 25mm, 50mm. The strips can be made of pvc, fabric, aluminum, wood, faux wood, and generally consist of solid colors.

Blinds Curtain Movement

Blinds curtains have 2 different movements, the first option is operated with a rod and a drawstring mechanism, and there is also a motorized option. It can be operated by remote control or with anhtar similar to an electric switch. The venetian blind bar provides tilt movement, when the curtain is open, the strips rotate up to 180 degrees around themselves is called tilt movement.

You can control the direction and amount of light entering the room by tilting according to the state of the sun. If there is a settlement directly opposite your office or office and you adjust the lanes slightly upwards to prevent the inside from being visible from the outside, it will both receive light from the inside and be invisible from the outside. If you want to block out the light, if you want to darken the environment, you can place the strips parallel to the window. With the other rope on the blinds, you can also make the curtain go down completely or gather above.